Carly Neubauer


Carly Neubauer has been an innovative leader at 4CM&M, coordinating digital and print production, digital media buying and social media strategy.  In addition, Carly has managed local and statewide direct mail campaigns in New Jersey, as well as large-scale nationwide direct mail campaigns for a variety of Independent Expenditures.  Carly helped transition 4CM&M from print and television focused campaigns to the new and ever-changing landscape of digital and social media advertising – at a time when very few political campaigns were buying into digital advertising. In 2012, she helped successfully execute 4CM&M’s first digital campaigns for Connecticut’s US Senator Chris Murphy and New Jersey’s US Senator Bob Menendez. In 2013, Carly managed the statewide print campaigns for the special elections of US Senator Cory Booker. In 2014-2015 Carly executed a yearlong digital brand lift campaign for Rutgers University, resulting in increased Fall 2015 application rates among four targeted markets.  Carly holds a BA in Political Science & Government from the University of Rhode Island.